Why and where to buy curvy underwear and how to be sexy in it? Bodysuit, shorts and more

Why and where to buy curvy underwear?

The choice of underwear is very important for a woman, especially when it comes to curvy underwear

But where do the curvy women buy their underwear? What rules of seduction do they follow?

Let’s find out together in this article.

First we need to make an important premise: being curvy doesn’t mean being overweight. Be curvy, in fact, we mean all those women who have well-pronounced curves. We mean curvy physiques, synonymous with sensuality and well-being.

Beauty in new fashion no longer suffers from the weight of thinness but on the contrary rides the wave of body positivity and therefore says yes to fuller, rounder and softer shapes.

Returning precisely to the  choice of panties and bra, buying curvy underwear does not mean buying support underwear, which suppresses or attempts to suppress the softness of a woman’s body. Buying curvy underwear doesn’t even mean choosing wide straps, excessive sizes, too abundant cups.

It means choosing garments that have the right fit,  that are comfortable and that make the wearer feel at ease. In fact, the best thing a woman can wear is safety:  feeling comfortable in lingerie is a way to feel good and to be able to express yourself to the fullest. Goodbye to the limits that an abundant waistline imposed on us before: curvy underwear is a hymn and an invitation to comfort, without renouncing sensuality. The mission of curvy underwear is to enhance the strengths  that too often women themselves fail to grasp: it is a way to transform the perception of themselves.

Choosing the right curvy underwear means, as we said, hiding the weak points  and enhancing the strengths of a woman. Let’s see some tricks together. Tummy control bodysuit is the best choice if you have a sexy full tummy but don’t wnt to show it much.

AirSlim® Shaping Low Back Thong Bodysuit

AirSlim® Shaping Low Back Thong Bodysuit

Containment briefs

Let’s start by hiding the belly. One of the best curvy underwear items is the  compression panty.

This type of panty, like the body, is able to hide too many shapes behind a shaping action. Generally these are curvy high-waisted underwear in stretch cotton. Be careful not to confuse them with what we commonly make fun of as “grandmother’s panties”: in fact, they are  curvy, sensual and elegant shaping underwear.

Shaping tank tops

Another must of underwear for curvy women should be the tank top.

They are a great help against the cold and even in the heat they collect excess sweat  with that very useful “healthy underwear” effect, but they also improve wearability under tight-fitting shirts thus avoiding the annoying signs of rolls.

They are also a very versatile curvy underwear item: they can be used for example in casual events with a jacket on top.

Bras for curvy women

The most complicated item of clothing for curvy women to choose is the bra .

Unexpectedly, in fact, it is very complex to choose the right type of cup because a shapely woman generally has abundant breasts that need to be supported well, without painful and annoying red marks. In fact, a woman in curvy underwear must not only be comfortable with her and feel beautiful, but she must have the  right support for her shapes .

As far as bras are concerned, therefore,  it is good to identify the perfect cup size  (those indicated by the letters) and make sure you buy a bra for a breast circumference of at least 100 cm. If it is then necessary, the hooks of the suspenders can be used to adjust the diameter. Instead, from the tricks of curvy models comes a piece of advice for all curvy sizes:  the bra for larger breasts is to be worn preferably even at night.

In fact, it must support the breast and protect its beauty and sensitivity even during the strange positions we take unconsciously during the night.

Tips for curvy underwear based on your shape

The definition of curvy underwear is slightly generalist. In fact, every woman has a different physical characteristic. Just as curvy models are not all the same, curvy women are not the same  and there is a type of underwear that is more suitable for each of them.

Let’s see together the main physiognomies.

Surely you’ve heard of  the apple physique:  it’s the one in which the waistline is decidedly softer and more generous than the rest of the bust. To enhance it, it could be an idea to use a thong or a shaping Brazilian brief to enhance the proportions we have talked about.

When instead we talk about  a pear-shaped body,  where the shoulders are very small and narrow compared to the whole body, the “babydoll” curvy underwear is a good choice. It enhances the breasts, which are often abundant and does not highlight the more abundant hips.

In  the banana physique , the one that is a little more masculine than the others, in which there is no great variation between shoulders, waist and hips because all are relatively robust, the ideal is to use high-waisted and high-cut culottes or thongs. In fact, this type of curvy underwear slims the figure.

Finally we have the  hourglass physique , that is the typical one of the 50’s pin up: the waist in this case is narrow, breasts and hips are abundant instead. In this case, the culotte is recommended for the lower part, which enhances the wasp waist.

PowerConceal™ Backless Shape Bodysuit

PowerConceal™ Backless Shape Bodysuit

Where to buy curvy underwear?

We come instead to the purchase. To buy curvy underwear, we generally recommend  brands that offer online sales services :  in fact, almost all the big names in fashion have their own online store where it is easy to buy thanks to the always precise and updated sizes.

Furthermore, the  online sale of curvy underwear  is made even easier by the now ever-present options for easy and free returns.

The underwear for curvy women is clearly available also in the physical stores of the brands. As we have said, in fact, there is no univocal definition of curvy underwear, but simply the perfect combinations for one’s shapes.

Shaper shorts are the best way to have a Bside like a Kardashians in  simple way.

Finding underwear for curvy women today is no longer as difficult  as it was a few years ago and is a great expression of sensuality and beauty.

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